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Very Important News 

Hello Margarita Aficionados,

Well we explored every creative idea on safely hosting another spicy and festive gathering on the Lake. However, we are navigating an increasing global pandemic. Changing operation of social interaction and discourse.

So we are operating under State and City ordering to ensure good health and safety of the community. As the world is experiencing malaise. We are postponing our Season 6 event scheduled for this month. Season 6 Tickets may be redeemed Season 7 or refund. As presentation permits access.

We gave it our best. Exploring multiple creative and safe constructs. We conclude, restraint toward local & global good health is priority. So, still be sure to take time, and safely get out in our parks and preserves under the Sun to stay refreshed.

From the folks at:
Chicago Margarita Festival


Thank You,

Chicago Margarita Festival

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